You can choose from two flavours of deployment, based on your preferences: 

  • The Cloud - for quickest deployment and total global access 
  • Country-Cloud - for faster localised access 

Traydstream uses AWS for all cloud solutions and will soon be available on Azure and Google cloud. 

Easy Onboarding 

A pilot project is your easiest way to discover the process and features of our platform. We’ve run pilots around the world for global and regional banks as well as international corporates. 

The average pilot times are as follows: 

  • Banks - three to four months depending on size and pilot scope 
  • Corporates - pilots can be completed in approximately six weeks 

Pilot Process 

  1. Demo: Introduction to the Platform with standardised documentation 
  2. Pilot: Live demo with a full doc set, making amends and running rules, plus platform socialisation 
  3. Rollout: Commercial terms agreed. Technology & partners preparation for implementation. Training & operational procedures developed. 
  4. Live: Integration with your own systems & procedures.