How We Compare

The trade document processing field is growing rapidly, and the diversity of its suppliers can make it challenging to identify who can really help with their offer. Fragmentation abounds. Therefore, we maintain the following comparison table to help you navigate the field and find what you truly need. 

Capability Traydstream Digitisers Risk Managers Compliance Platforms Reg-tech
Digitization OCR
Converting paper to structured digital data
Document Checks
Scrutinising your documents against field and form compliance
Rules Engine
Logic-checking your documents against over a quarter of a million trade rules
Compliance Checks
Further checking your documents against legal requirements
e-Bills of Lading
Native processing and reconciliation of electronic bills of lading
Data Analytics
Analysing the highest and lowest performing buyers, sellers or banks
Blockchain Readiness
Integrating with smart document block chain technology
Management Information
Ability to build your own rules and knowhow into the system