Radically improve your document processing, boost your working capital and improve buyer relationships.

The Need for Speed

We understand your need for speed along with your desire for efficiency, accuracy and compliance. All without raising the budget.

The main reason we built the Traydstream platform. It’s up-to-date, it’s constantly improving. And it’s connected to your bank and your buyer’s banks - so you’ll be sharing the same common platform.

And be assured - it's made by trade professionals who totally understand the frustrations and intricacies of your trade documentation. It saves you the time and money you invested in document processing, allowing you to focus on your core business.



Comprehensive Platform

Our unique platform offers two kinds of deployment - work directly with our global cloud, or use a country-specific cloud, for remote or office access.


The process speeds your document checking through a number of important steps:

  1. Digitises all document types including paper, PDFs, Word docs and much more besides, turning them into structured information. We created a specialised OCR engine and we use human-supervised machine learning to extract all the relevant attributes from the LC and associated documents.
  2. Rules checks all the data in the LC and other documentation including all UCP 600 / ISBP rules. That’s well over a quarter of million algorithms in our ICC rules engine
  3. Compliance checks which includes vessel tracking and journey history. This module also allows clients to create their own checks as well as benefit from an aggregated check which includes Lloyds journey tracking service which is integrated in the platform. You can also create tailored checks to your own internal policies and rules

Insight into the best banks and importers is now possible using the analysis of your clean structured data

Reliable Technology

Whether you’re on the board level or in day to day operations, you’ll be aware of advances in technology: the promise of automation, the speed, and the cost savings. Yet at the same time you may be cautious about trying new systems, or choosing which technology to use - should you go with Digitisers, reg tech, compliance or risk platforms?


That’s why we focused on solving the biggest trade documentation problems:

  • Protracted timescales: drastically reduced
  • Iterative processing: halted
  • Inaccuracies: prevented
  • Requirements ambiguity: ended
  • Repetition: comprehensively cut
  • Compliance uncertainty: resolved
  • Bank and forms discrepancies: settled

And that's why we built our team from experienced trade professionals and bankers: there's no other way to create easy solutions to the deep problems of compliance, complexity and inconsistency.

It’s also why we got the banks on-board fast, and that translates directly into smooth seamless trading for you.

What You Gain

Our technology will help your export firm transform into the business it was always meant to be - an efficient enterprise unencumbered by regulation, trading freely and imaginatively on the world stage. Specifically:

  • Huge gain in speed and operational efficiency - cutting document checking time from hours to seconds
  • Get paid more quickly - become more cash-rich, with faster financial settlement and accurate reconciliation of accounts
  • Cut processing costs - considerable cost savings over bank and human processing fees, typically a 60-70% potential cost reduction
  • Reduce operating risks - in trading and operations management, especially in error management - which also helps save cost
  • Huge trading insight - become more data-rich, learning a wiser approach to bank selection and where your biggest risks and hidden costs lie
  • Trade in new markets easily - automatically acquire the ability to provide checking and compliance in unfamiliar territories without associated recruitment, training or staff overheads
  • Lock in corporate knowhow - gathering trade rules knowhow into one place, thus ending the brain-drain that occurs every time an expert employee leaves your firm taking with them that knowhow
  • Be ready for blockchain - when your banks, suppliers or buyers need blockchain documentation

Solving Problems Practically

Machine learning isn’t magic - all it takes is dedication to constantly keep improving supervision and algorithm enhancement.

So when you work with us, you’ll find that our entire ethos is about constant improvement, and  pragmatically solving problems. Whether you have an unusual LC, an unfamiliar territory, or a bill of lading that's non-compliant, we got your back.

The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in our platform caters to deliver a highly accurate level of human language processing to your documents. Which means intelligent pattern recognition and a near-instant conversion of data and verification of regulatory compliance.

The platform replaces error-prone manual scrutiny with four levels of automatic checks on the data extracted from your forms:

  1. Omissions: blank or missing fields
  2. Discrepancies: checking for inconsistencies between documents
  3. Rules checks: over a quarter of a million machine learning algorithms in our engine check your submission against ICC trade rules
  4. Compliance: we check a wide range of other more fluid or non-ICC trading conditions (e.g. journey paths, sanctions lists)