About Us

We serve and operate globally

We have a wonderfully diverse range of bright minds from all parts of the trade documentation, export finance, banking, and technology fields. Approachable, practical, and determined, you’ll find our team a pleasure to do business with.

Our genesis exists from living with the challenges that you face every day.  We are true domain experts in the Trade Finance space and totally appreciate all the nuances and peculiarities that exist in Trade document checking

Traydstream was set up to tackle the pain points we all have dealt with from our backgrounds across global transaction banking.  We believe this experience and insight makes us unique.

Together, our platform and people provide you with an ever-innovating service that digitises and stores your trade finance documentation, extracts the data into structured information, and checks it against over a quarter of a million trade and compliance rules. We’ve won many awards for our cloud-based platform with its artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

But more than that, our team constantly provides backup and practical support for all the exceptions and surprises that crop up in trade finance. So you’re always covered. We know how challenging trade documentation can be – we’re trade professionals too.

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