We have a growing range of industry partners in our ecosystem, as we constantly add enterprise and trading value to their enterprises.  

If you’re in export systems, banking, payment, risk management, compliance or reg-tech and your ecosystem could use a new trade capability, let’s connect and talk. We always take a win-win-win approach - that’s to say a win for your client, then for you and for us. We’ll add pragmatism, speed and customer appeal to your proposition. 

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Traydstream Partners with Bolero

Lloyd’s List Intelligence

Traydstream in its role as a Compliance aggregator have partnered with Lloyd's List Intelligence (Informa) to bring clients value added service of Vessel Identification and Vessel Tracking. A detailed information on the Vessel Sanctions, its History, Flags, Ownerships as well the AIS positions and Sightings are brought out to the front end user of Traydstream through its API connectivity with Lloyd's List Intelligence.

Lloyd's List Intelligence provides options for the entire vessel tracking needs including ·Fleet real-time observation.·Vessel voyage track plotting.·Accurate detailed historical vessel date / time position data.·Confirmed human intelligence reports of vessel arrival and departure from ports, choke point transits.

What Others Have Said:

“Our goal is to help our export clients expedite their receivables and export proceeds, and as a result improve their working capital cycles. This strategic agreement further builds on the Bank’s export capabilities by allowing our clients to reduce discrepancies in their trade documents with Traydstream’s data and artificial-intelligence based matching tools.”
Samuel Mathew, Global Head of Documentary Trade Product Management, Standard Chartered