Our Team

Our Team is comprised of industry leaders whose combined knowledge and expertise is leveraging change in the world of Trade Finance documentation.

Executive Team

Sameer Sehgal

Chief Executive Officer


chief commercial officer

Uzair Bawany

Chief Commercial Officer


chief product officer

Asif N. Ali

Chief Product Officer


chief financial officer

Sandip Sen

Chief Financial Officer


head of technology

Richard Wrigley

Head of Technology


head mena and apac

Srividya Subramanian

Global Sales and Implementations Head – MENA & APAC

head europe and americas

Moshe Wolfson

Global Sales and Implementations Head – Europe & Americas

head japan and korea

Yutaka Izawa

Global Sales and Implementations Head – Japan & Korea

jayan menon

Jayan Menon

Chief Risk Officer


lead people and culture

Asad Allibhoy

Lead – People & Culture


co founder

Achille D’Antoni

Co-Founder & Advisor

co founder

Gary Bhattacharjee

Co-Founder & Advisor


Ameen Allibhoy


Fabio salvalaggio

Fabio Salvalaggio


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