Revolutionising Trade Finance, Together

We serve globally and operate from the UK, India, and Pakistan.  

We have a wonderfully diverse range of bright minds from all parts of the trade documentation, export finance, banking, and technology fields. Approachable, practical and determined, you’ll find our team a pleasure to do business with. Very much on your side. 

Together, our platform and people provide you an ever-updating service that digitises and stores your trade finance documentation, extracts the data into structured information, and checks it against over a quarter of a million trade and compliance rules. We’ve won awards for our cloud-based platform with its artificially intelligent and machine learning technology.  

But more than that, our team constantly provides backup and practical support for all the exceptions and surprises that crop up in trade finance. So, you’re always covered. We know how challenging trade paperwork can be as we are trade professionals too. 

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Our Values

#Accept the Challenge

A challenge will help surpass your limits. Do not give up and accept the challenge. Overcome it. Never give up. Understand the problem, use logic and design a solution. Execute. Repeat.

#Automate to Accelerate

Manual work can be time wasting in a lot of industries, not just Trade Finance. So when we have a process to design, we eliminate the steps not required to solve the problem.

#Communicate and Collaborate

Through collaboration and communications we can become more of a team. This will help us become more efficient as well as enjoy our work more. Atmosphere is key to a happy work place