Fast, comprehensive automated document processing for global trade finance

Traydstream digitises Documentary Trade (LCs & Collections) and supporting documents to automate scrutiny, clause matching, rules and compliance checking process, which helps banks and exporters to automate their trade finance documentation process, using machine learning.

  • Banks: improve operational efficiency and challenges whilst reducing compliance risk with speed and accuracy 
  • Exporters: improve cash flow but speeding up the process of document handling with reduced discrepancies 

Latest Partnership with Bolero 

What Traydstream Does 

Both, banks and corporates and any players dealing with shipping documents benefit from our platform: 

  • Automates transaction checking, including UCP/ISBP, cross document (including INCO terms), and transactional checks 
  • Our digitisation and data extraction also provides comprehensive screening of compliance components, including sanctions and vessel checks  
  • In addition to LCs the platform manages import/export collections, Open Account transactions, and Guarantees and Standby LCs.  

We’ve developed this platform over four years and it’s designed and built by trade professionals. We’re now actively deploying with banks and corporate exporters all around the world. 

Huge Benefits


No Ordinary Platform 

Using artificial intelligence and over a quarter of a million trade rules, major banks and corporates are now benefitting from the knowledge of this growing network of platform clients. 

  • Trade and Business Rules – Faster, accurate and scalable document scrutiny with 6 levels of checking using over a quarter of a million trade rules and client proprietary checks 
  • Compliance Aggregator Third party provider integrations like vessel tracking and powerful data analytics easily integrate into your existing processes to assist you in mitigating trade finance risk  
  • Intelligent Optical Character Recognition – Transform paperwork and electronic documents into a growing knowledge base using our optimised optical character recognition engine and human-supervised machine learning 

Simple Process

We believe that trade finance should be an automated simple process that frees you to focus on your core business. Whether you're a bank or corporate exporter, bank or importer, your document process should be seamless, efficient and smart. 

We also believe that exporters should be paid fast, that digitisation should exceed mere data and provide wise decision making, and that banks should be able to reduce their operational and compliance burdens.