The Most Advanced Trade Check

We have a wonderfully diverse range of bright minds from all parts of the trade documentation, export finance, banking, and technology fields. Approachable, practical, and determined, you’ll find our team a pleasure to do business with.

Together, our platform and people provide you an ever-innovating service that digitises and stores all your trade finance documentation, extracting all the structured and unstructured data set, and then checking this against over a quarter of a million trade and compliance rule combinations

As a Microsoft approved partner, we’ve won awards for our cloud-based platform with our artificially intelligent and deep learning technology.

But more than that, our team constantly provides backup and practical support for all the exceptions and surprises that crop up in trade finance. So, you’re always covered.

We know how challenging trade finance processes can be having lived and breathed it ourselves for many years in the past. Our platform has been designed by Trade experts for Trade experts!

Trade finance solutions for banks

Banks improve their regulatory and compliance checks, while mitigating risks and reducing their operational burden

We understand your long-held need for transparency in the trade processes, navigating through an increasingly complex, risky and costly trade environment. And all the while, having to reduce operational pressures.

That’s why we built Traydstream. It’s made by banking and trade professionals who totally understand the operational and reputational risk management of your trade and compliance and checks.

Our technology will help your bank to focus on the service business it was always meant to be – an efficient provider, efficiently upholding regulation, helping clients trade freely and imaginatively on the world stage

Trade finance solutions for banks
Trade finance solutions for banks



Multiple file formats

SWIFT Messages

Backend integration


Automated Global Trade Rules (UCP, ISBP)

LC Conditions

Omissions & Discrepancies

Sanctions Screening / DUGs / Vessel Tracking



Act on discrepancies

Optimised to resolve



KPI transparency

Full audit trail

Customised MI 00


What You Gain

  • Become a more efficient provider with greater transparency across the entire supply chain.
  • Huge gain in operational efficiency – cutting document checking time from hours to minutes
  • Cut processing costs – considerable cost savings over human processing fees, up to a 60-70% potential cost reduction
  • Huge trading insight – become more data-rich, learning a wiser approach to client management and where your biggest risks and hidden costs lie

Case Study

Standard Bank uses Traydstream to drive growth across Africa

  • Commenced in Uganda in 2019

  • Rolled out to HQ (South Africa) in 2020

  • Now live across most regions in Africa

  • All trade transactions up to a specific threshold checked only by TS platform in 2021

Trade finance solutions for banks

“Citi’s collaboration with Traydstream underscores our commitment to providing clients with the most advanced tools and technologies to facilitate trade.”

Valeria Sica

Global Trade Data, Partnerships and Innovation Head, Citi

“Our partnership with Traydstream exemplifies our shared commitment to advancing trade finance. By seamlessly integrating our solutions, we offer banks and financial institutions a holistic platform that drives operational efficiency, compliance, and customer satisfaction.”

Stefan Tryggvason

CEO, China Systems

“We are excited to extend our partnership with Traydstream, Traydstream’s platform has proven its worth in transforming our trade finance operations, and we are eager to continue reaping the benefits of this strategic collaboration.”

Madhavan Thooppal

National Bank of Fujairah

“ABSA Kenya’s partnership with Traydstream signifies our dedication to providing innovative solutions to our customers. By automating and streamlining our trade finance operations, we are not only enhancing efficiency but also bolstering our customer value.”

Bohani Hlungwane

Managing Director, Group Head of Trade and Working Capital at Hulnat ABSA Kenya

“Our partnership with Traydstream underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Together, we are driving positive change in trade finance operations, setting the stage for continuous improvement and enhanced customer experiences.”

Seun Ogundolapo

Head Trade, Transaction Banking at Stanbic IBTC Bank Nigeria

“Standard Bank’s decision to renew and expand our collaboration is a testament to the innovative solutions and exceptional service that Traydstream provides. This renewal reaffirms our confidence in their ability to drive efficiency and compliance across our trade finance operations.”

Justin Milo

Executive Head , Trade (South Africa) at Standard Bank

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