In the multifaceted world of trade finance, having the right partner can transform your operations. Imagine a world where you can simplify processes and minimize risks effortlessly, all with the support of an AI-powered companion. TraydMate, powered by Traydstream, is here to revolutionize your trade finance operations.
Say goodbye to manual checks and embrace automation and efficiency with TraydMate. Experience seamless compliance and reduced risks, empowering your business to thrive in the dynamic landscape of global trade.

Digitisation and automation platform tailored to suit your business.

For many years, Traydstream’s expert Trade Finance consultants have been constructing our priority OCR platform for the world’s leading Banks and Corporations, seamless connecting with leading compliance, vessel tracking, and other providers for end-to-end digitization.

A proprietary OCR engine ensures all attributes, structured and unstructured, are extracted and understood so that every data point can be accessed for all checks

Document scrutiny checks reduce checks to less than 30 minutes using Machine Learning and leveraging a knowledge repository covering all ICC trade rules and local and country regulations.

A proven solution that enables teams to confidentially increase volumes and breadth of functionality, including more complex checks

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