Traydstream’s Compliance checking aggregator integrates Refinitiv’s World-Check KYC and AML services

Automate Trade compliance checksLondon, 9 June 2020:

Traydstream, the London-based trade AI solution provider, is proud to announce a partnership agreement with Refinitiv’s World-Check, which will integrate seamlessly with its automated Trade compliance checks.

Traydstream clients will now be able to use Refinitiv’s World-Check Risk Intelligence as used by regulated companies to help screen for financial crime risks as part of their anti-money laundering compliance programs.

As businesses embrace the benefits and opportunities offered by the digital economy, they must also increase their efforts to protect themselves and their customers from crimes such as fraud and money laundering. Understanding the identity of customers through reliable and thorough screening tools is now a critical part of doing business for a range of financial services providers from banking through to electronic payments.

Shishir Vyas, Head of Partnerships at Traydstream comments; “Refinitiv’s solution is used by many of our clients globally and so we are delighted to extend our solution to include a market leading compliance check.

Emma Miller, Global Head of Partnerships for the Risk business at  Refinitiv, “We are constantly looking for new ways to deliver value to our customers of our World-Check service to help more businesses to comply with regulations and identify potential financial crimes. Refinitiv’s World-Check data complements Traydstream’s automated processing workflow and the combination allows clients to make more informed decisions with greater efficiency.”


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