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Automated trade document checking that reduces risks and boosts profits
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Automated document checking
Automated document checking

What is Traydstream?

Traydstream is an innovative technology company that has built a powerful AI driven platform by Trade expert for trade experts.

Powered by machine learning, our software digitises trade documents and automates the trade and compliance checking processes

Errors and discrepancies are automatically highlighted with a press of a button – saving time and giving peace of mind to reduce your operational and compliance risks.

Our vision is to simplify trade finance using innovation to automate laborious manual processes and deliver unrivalled quality and accuracy.  Our document checking platform is the first part of journey.

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Benefits of Traydstream

Automated document checking
Automated document checking
Automated document checking

Higher accuracy

Traydstream has proven to identify more errors and inaccuracies than a human trade document checker, giving you confidence that an oversight won’t leave you at risk.

Save time

Our platform can check trade documents in minutes, making it easier to process more transactions and grow your organisation.

Save money

By reducing the time it takes to process your end-to-end trade transactions, we help to make even small transactions more profitable and help you increase your return on investment.

Ready to work, easy to customise

Our platform has been built for trade experts by trade experts.

That means that it’s ready to help check your trade documents as soon as you start using it. With a vast array of global trade document types already preloaded, as well as thousands of attribute types, you’ll be able to start checking your documents straightaway by recognising documents from the get-go.

The rule engine intelligence then takes over and reviews all transactions in accordance with UCP600 and ISBP rules as well as many other trade checks.

And with its intuitive design and friendly interface, it’s easy to customise your own templates and attributes, too. So the Traydstream platform can handle whatever you throw at it.

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Automated document checking

Traydstream is partnering with Citi for a groundbreaking collaboration

With a secure, scalable, and cloud-based approach, Traydstream and Citi are set to redefine global trade standards.

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