On 13th November 2018, Traydstream was invited to attend AFTE’s (Association Française des Trésoriers d’Entreprise) flagship conference – an event held at the Palais Brongniart in Paris to discuss the topics concerning corporate treasurers today as well as showcasing emerging fintech innovators addressing these challenges.
Following a panel discussion on the future of AI and how it can help treasury teams, Sam Sehgal, CEO of Traydstream was interviewed on how its application addressed a major challenge in the industry.

On his shift into FinTech and appointment at Traydstream, James commented “I am excited by the huge potential of Traydstream’s offering as well as the pace and commitment of its teams across the globe. I am looking forward to helping achieve its extraordinary vision for the trade finance industry.”

Sameer Sehgal, CEO of Traydstream, remarked “I am truly delighted that James has joined us with his outstanding track record in growing companies. He will play a key role in helping us reach our financial objectives as we continue on the path of financial sustainability and profitability. I look forward to working closely with him in delivering the revenue goal we’ve set for our firm.”

Sam said, “We like to believe that the magic is not just in Trade, nor in Technology. It is when both come together and you put in passion behind it. Then there is something really amazing that happens!”

He further talked about how Traydstream’s products can overcome the timely and prone to error challenges that trade business face today due to being paper dominated. “Every day, hundreds and thousands of documents are flying across the trade industry and what we propose is to benefit from technology and instead of transferring paper documents from one bank to the other, scan them through Traydstream’s cost-effective system, which opens up other real value-add opportunities.

“Our solution is efficient enough to pick up all the data, intelligently, without mistakes and then run all thousands of rules that are in the background and make sense of what the document is. One of the unique characteristics of Traydstream is that what a human being completes in 4-20 hours, our software can complete in a maximum time scale of 10-12 minutes.”