Traydstream and Oracle Financial Services Forge Strategic Integration to Revolutionize Trade Finance

Innovative collaboration leverages Traydstream’s advanced OCR technology and Oracle’s Trade Finance Process Management to enhance efficiency and streamline operations.

Traydstream, a pioneer in trade finance solutions, proudly announces its technical integration with Oracle Financial Services marking a significant advancement in trade finance technology. This collaboration introduces a transformative approach to trade finance operations, leveraging Traydstream’s cutting-edge algorithms and the Oracle Banking Trade Finance Process Management solution to streamline processes and boost efficiency.

The integrated solution showcases a meticulously orchestrated workflow, from SWIFT document registration to seamless data sharing, followed by advanced data extraction and precise document identification. Traydstream’s algorithms excel in detecting cross-document discrepancies and validating transactions against more than 400,000 permutations in trade and compliance checks, enabling compliance and accuracy.

“In today’s dynamic trade landscape, efficiency and precision are paramount. Our work with a world-class organization such as Oracle with its powerful Oracle Banking Trade Finance Process Management system, can empower businesses to navigate these challenges seamlessly,” said Sam Sehgal, CEO at Traydstream. “Together, we’re reshaping trade finance, equipping businesses around the world with the tools they need to excel in a fiercely competitive global market.”

Key highlights of Traydstream and Oracle’s integration include:

  • Efficient registration of Export LC Drawing requests
  • Reduced manual intervention in document analysis
  • Prompt identification of cross-document discrepancies to enhance timely and efficient error detection
  • Rigorous checks to address regulatory compliance.

Traydstream seamlessly updates Oracle Banking Trade Finance Process Management on workflow status, fostering transparency and collaboration. This collaboration represents a significant advancement in streamlining trade finance processes, that can enable enhanced efficiency and accuracy in transactions.

For banks globally, the integration can deliver numerous unique benefits, including automated data extraction, discrepancy detection, UCP 600 compliance review, and operational efficiency enhancements.

“The integration with Traydstream underscores our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive efficiency and agility in trade finance operations,” said Vikram Gupta, GVP Banking Development, Oracle Financial Services.” By combining Traydstream’s advanced capabilities with our leading trade finance process management solution, we can enable businesses to streamline processes, reduce risk, and achieve greater operational excellence.”

This integration marks a significant leap forward in digitizing trade finance processes, offering businesses high levels of efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. Traydstream and Oracle Financial Services remain committed to close collaboration, continuously innovating to redefine trade finance solutions for businesses worldwide.

Traydstream and Oracle signed an agreement in December 2022.

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