Quality Assurance in Innovation: A Day in the Life at Traydstream

  1. Can you describe a typical day at Traydstream? What tasks do you handle regularly?

A1. I usually resume my official day by having a quick standup call where I discuss the insights of daily activity with my team folks. Then, I work on the value-added tasks assigned via Jira which often requires connecting with Business Analysts and the Dev team. It’s essential to understand Jira well for effective testing. Collaborating with various teams keeps me engaged and ensures our innovative software’s quality.

  1. How does your role contribute to Traydstream’s goal of simplifying trade finance through innovation? Any specific challenges or opportunities do you often encounter?

A2. Being a core member of QA, I ensure the quality and reliability of our software platform are met via thorough validations through different phases of testing. I often encounter challenges in understanding complex requirements and coordinating with different teams, but these challenges do offer me opportunities for growth and development.

  1. Traydstream uses AI to automate trade processes. How do you ensure quality and accuracy in these processes, and what’s your role in maintaining and improving them?

A3. Our qualitative testing considering both quality assurance and quality control approach helps me a lot in refining the accuracy in Traydstream’s AI-driven trade processes. This process also includes the collaboration with Dev and business analyst to reduce the bugs. There is a retrospective call on sprint basis where we have internal feedback sharing session to improve the overall SDLC and STLC process.

  1. In a tech-focused company like Traydstream, how do you stay updated on the latest trends in trade finance and AI? Any go-to resources or industry developments you follow?

A4. I always stay updated on the latest trends in trade finance and AI through online learning initiatives and internal knowledge-sharing sessions. These platforms allow me to expand my knowledge and stay informed about industry developments, ensuring that I remain well-equipped to contribute effectively to Traydstream’s innovative journey.

5.What aspects of your role do you find most fulfilling or exciting, particularly in contributing to the innovative journey of Traydstream in trade finance?

A5. Ensuring the quality of our software and collaborating with diverse teams to drive improvements are both exciting and rewarding. Witnessing the impact of our innovations on streamlining trade finance processes reinforces the value of our work and motivates me to strive for excellence every day.

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