Jordan Kuwait Bank Adopts Traydstream Technology for Digitization and Trade Automation drive

Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB) and Traydstream Limited are proud to have signed an
agreement to use the FinTech’s digitization and trade automation platform to increase the bank’s capacity to manage large volumes of documents, thereby dramatically accelerating client delivery and turnaround times.

Traydstream’s business solutions incorporate the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, significantly improving the efficiency of examining trade documents, including letters of credit, and complying with international banking standards and practices.

“JKB strives to be a regional leader in implementing the latest and best technologies
available, such as intelligent OCRs. By partnering with a FinTech like Traydstream,
enables us to keep our customer service at the highest level,” said Muhammad Abu Tak, Trade Finance Manager at JKB.

Traydstream’s innovative technology also automates the compliance verification
process, including verification of the parties involved in the trade process and shipping ports, reducing the risks associated with international sanctions and penalties.

The solution will also be deployed with Lloyds List Intelligence integration enabling
users to seamlessly access vessel tracking, risk indicators and Bill of Lading data.

“Machine learning-based solutions are a new start in the digital transformation of
international trade,” noted Srividya Subramanian, Global Sales & Implementation Head and META & APAC at Traydstream. “And we are proud to be working with leaders like JKB to make this future a reality.”



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