Traydstream adds the power of MS Vision to its OCR Engine

In its latest platform release, Traydstream has added Microsoft Computer Vision as a component to its existing Optical Character Recognition model. MS Computer Vision is a part of Azure Cognitive Services and boosts text extraction capabilities.

Traydstream has been selected by Microsoft for a global program dedicated to accelerating the trajectory of high potential B2B start-ups and new Azure services are being deployed to enhance end to end performance.

As the entry point of our system, having a perfect OCR read out from uploaded documents, will further increase the accuracy the downstream Traydstream models. This component allows us to further scale the platform, both in terms of speed and capacity, raising our standards to the highest yet.

Key Benefits :

  • Allows the platform to become fully asynchronous
  • Improves processing efficiency and speed to reduce turnaround time
  • Advanced algorithms further analyse data contents to clean and filter background noise (i.e. watermarks) in poorer quality image
  • Can extract data from handwritten and stamps with improved accuracy

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