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An ML powered expert in your corner

We have a wonderfully diverse range of bright minds from all parts of the trade documentation, export finance, banking, and technology fields. Approachable, practical, and determined, you’ll find our team a pleasure to do business with.

Together, our platform and people provide you an ever-innovating service that digitises and stores all your trade finance documentation, extracting all the structured and unstructured data set, and then checking this against over a quarter of a million trade and compliance rule combinations.

As a Microsoft approved partner, we’ve won awards for our cloud-based platform with our artificially intelligent and deep learning technology.

But more than that, our team constantly provides backup and practical support for all the exceptions and surprises that crop up in trade finance. So, you’re always covered.

We know how challenging trade finance processes can be having lived and breathed it ourselves for many years in the past. Our platform has been designed by Trade experts for Trade experts!

Intelligent trade document processing

Exporters boost document processing and improve working capital by getting paid more quickly

We understand your need for speed along with your desire for efficiency and accuracy. All without raising the budget.

A platform that saves you the time and money you invested in document processing, allowing you to focus on your core business. Knowing that  it’s being used and can be connected to the biggest trade banks globally means you’ll be meeting the highest standards for a pre-doc check.

Intelligent trade document processing
Intelligent trade document processing



Multiple file formats

SWIFT Messages

Backend integration



Automated Global Trade Rules (UCP, ISBP)

LC Conditions

Omissions & Discrepancies

Sanctions Screening / DUGs / Vessel Tracking



Act on discrepancies

Optimised to resolve



KPI transparency

Full audit trail

Customised MI 00


What you gain

  • Become an efficient enterprise unencumbered by regulation, trading freely and imaginatively on the world stage
  • Huge gain in speed and operational efficiency – cutting document checking time from hours to seconds
  • Get paid faster  –  with faster financial settlement and accurate reconciliation of accounts
  • Lock in corporate knowhow – gathering trade rules knowhow into one place, thus ending the brain-drain that occurs every time an expert employee leaves your firm taking with them that knowhow

Case Study

Vinmar boosts operational efficiency with Traydstream

Traydstream is working to Vinmar International, a global marketing and distribution company for petrochemical products, for AI based document pre-checks.

“Objective is to reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), and time-to-market in our future business strategy. We are working with Traydstream solution… to help us further optimize our working capital.”

“This game changing piece of technology [for] Nokia… to get a straight through process for our documents whilst ensuring that we adhere to the stringent policy requirements of our banks.”

Jari Hänninen

ex Director, Head of Structured Finance, Credit Products, Nokia

“Using Traydstream’s AI based solution for pre-checks will boost our operational efficiency by reducing the time and cost associated with our trade document checking processes”

Sajan Dhanuka

Director of Operations, Vinmar

“Integrating Traydstream’s document checking service will be a great advantage for our corporate and bank customers to save time and mitigate risk exposure”

Anchal Tiwari

VP Product Management and Strategy, Bolero

“Traydstream’s one stop shop for processing… opens up exciting and innovative new options for us to grow and service our customers.”

Kevin Holmes

Head of Trade & Product Management, Standard Bank Group

“A great opportunity to a wider adoption of change within the Trade Finance business area and throughout the supply chain.”

Paula da Silva

Head of Transaction Services, SEB

““It has been very encouraging to see how Traydstream and Meezan Bank have been able to optimize their automation solution and ultimately improve the end client experience to facilitate greater trade,” said Mr. Shahzad Charania, Head of Trade at Meezan Bank..”

Shahrad Charania

Head of Trade, Meezan Bank

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