Traydstream Appoints Stephan Hufnagl as New Chief Technology Officer

Traydstream, a leading provider of innovative trade finance solutions, is delighted to announce the appointment of Stephan Hufnagl as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Stephan brings a wealth of experience from his tenure at Microsoft, Google and other engineering companies. His appointment marks a significant milestone in Traydstream’s journey towards technological excellence and innovation.

In his most recent role at Microsoft, he was responsible for Data, Analytics and AI teams, driving transformation projects utilizing cloud services. Before this, he developed tailored industry solutions in his own business, which he sold. He has advanced degrees in law, political sciences and business, studying at the Universities of Innsbruck, Oslo and Harvard University.

With over 20 years of experience in cloud architecture, engineering, and business strategy, Stephan is poised to lead Traydstream’s technology initiatives to new heights. His proven track record of driving innovation and spearheading transformative projects aligns perfectly with Traydstream’s commitment to revolutionising trade finance processes globally.

“We are thrilled to welcome Stephan to the Traydstream team as our new Chief Technology Officer,” said Sameer Sehgal, CEO at Traydstream. “Stephan’s extensive experience and leadership in technology, combined with his innovative mindset, make him the perfect fit to lead our technology strategy and drive our product development efforts forward.”

In his new role, Stephan will be responsible for driving innovation, overseeing product development, and ensuring that Traydstream remains at the forefront of technological advancements in the trade finance industry.

“I am excited to join Traydstream and work alongside the talented team to drive innovation and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients,” said Stephan, newly appointed CTO at Traydstream. “I look forward to leveraging my experience and expertise to propel Traydstream to new heights and further establish our position as a leader in the trade finance space.”

With his leadership and expertise, we are confident that Traydstream will continue to redefine the future of trade finance.

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