Traydstreamer Insight: Navigating the Innovation Frontier at Traydstream (An exclusive conversation with Tariq Korejo, Head of New Product Development)

Trade finance, steeped in traditional processes, stands on the brink of a digital revolution and at the forefront of this transformation is Traydstream, a company committed to simplifying trade finance through groundbreaking innovation.

Today, we sit down with Tariq Korejo, Head of New Product Development at Traydstream, to uncover the human side of his role and the exciting journey of bringing cutting-edge solutions to the dynamic world of trade finance. 

Pioneering the Path of Innovation
Tariq paints a vivid picture of the pivotal role played by the product development team in realising Traydstream’s overarching goal. “Trade Finance’s current processes, rooted in tradition, are ripe for digital transformation-led value creation,” he shares. The mission of the new product development team is ambitious – to envision the future while remaining practical about short and medium-term goals. “We explore opportunities that redefine processes and leverage technology to enable capabilities that were previously deemed impractical,” Tariq adds.

Yet, the journey is not without its challenges. Tariq acknowledges the delicate dance of aligning on what to build first and ensuring it resonates with clients. “In this process, educating the client on solution ideas and receiving their feedback for validation becomes crucial,” he notes. It’s a delicate balance of visionary thinking and boots-on-the-ground implementation that defines Traydstream’s success.

Successful innovation is a team effort and reflects diverse viewpoints. Alignment with teams internally is a critical component of ideal execution. Getting buy-in from senior stakeholders to keep strategic clarity is one aspect of it. Another is to take along engineering and other teams through the build process in a way that makes everyone feel part of making an impact through the intended capability.

Staying Ahead in a Tech-Focused Environment
In a company where technology takes centre stage, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Tariq reveals he has a diverse set of go-to resources, emphasising the need for a multifaceted approach. “We need to rely on multiple resources. LinkedIn is a great source to stay abreast of industry developments,” he suggests. Regular publications like GTR and BAFT offer updates, while active participation in trade industry communities, webinars, and conferences provides a deeper understanding of specific opportunities and developments.

The Thrill of New Product Development
For Tariq, the real joy in his role comes from the blend of leadership and innovation. “New product development roles are rooted in leadership traits, and that’s what makes it intellectually stimulating,” he shares. The innovation in exploring uncharted territory, facing uncertainty head-on, and co-creating solutions with clients is profound. “We want to craft solutions that address specific problems or gaps, embodying the spirit of co-creation with our clients,” Tariq affirms. This approach fosters a deeper engagement with clients, making the journey not just professionally satisfying but personally fulfilling.

Tariq Korejo’s role at Traydstream mirrors the convergence of innovation, leadership, and client collaboration at Traydstream. As the company continues to break barriers in trade finance automation, Tariq and his team stand at the forefront, navigating the innovation frontier, and ensuring that Traydstream’s solutions remain not just cutting-edge but profoundly impactful for clients globally.

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