Traydstream’s reasons to be cheerful: Insights from Elon Musk and Rishi Sunak’s AI Safety Summit


Following the UK’s recent AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak engaged in a riveting discussion with Elon Musk around the potential impact of artificial intelligence on jobs. Amidst the conversation, the interview shed some light on the potential damage that AI could have to the global labour market.

 The Musk / Sunak discussion appears to underscore the potential upheaval in the job market due to AI.  Whilst there is no doubting the change AI can make to any workforce, Traydstream’s view is not quite so pessimistic and in fact adds a layer of optimism to this view, suggesting we should embrace change positively!

 Firstly, it’s important not to take a broad brush approach to AI. We must take a balanced view, which has proven the benefits of AI with the support of people.   Beyond the technological prowess of our AI model, Traydstream plays a pivotal role in offering continuous support for exceptions in the dynamic landscape of trade finance. The platform is as much a tool to support the development of Trade professionals as it is a value-add to mitigate operational risk by aiding skilled Trade Finance professionals to make the right decisions efficiently.

 Our platform enhances capabilities for trade professionals by automating traditional manual and error-prone processes, so skilled people can focus on the more strategic client facing tasks and complex situations that often arise.

 As a business established to address the pain points experienced across trade finance, we have leveraged the collective experience from our highly experienced global teams with that would never have been synthesised within an AI model with no experience!  Our strong belief is the positive impact AI will yield in helping to get people up the curve faster, centralising knowledge and supporting professionals to make their jobs easier and more challenging in a positive way.


AI is here to stay … but so are jobs but perhaps not quite as we know them


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